GiftRocket Customer Reviews

GiftRocket has had hundreds thousands of satisfied customers who have written to us about their positive experiences.

It's awesome that someone can send me a gift certificate but it comes in the form of cash! I'll definitely use this service in the future!

Cassidy - Denver, CO

I loved the ease of choosing whatever I wanted to do with the gift! Never heard of you guys before I rec'd this gift and i would definitely send to someone else in the future!

Brian - Chicago, IL

The GiftRocket is the best thing since sliced cheese! Do the GiftRocket, whooo hoo!

Marie - Port Townsend, WA

It was easy to order and print. I really like the fact that the recipients actually get the monetary value of the gift card and then can use as they desire.

Barb - Leesburg, VA

I think GiftRocket is an inventive, creative answer to some of the problems a typical gift card brings.

Rebecca - Honolulu, HI

I'm already hooked. It's so fast and easy both for me to send and for my recipient to redeem - they don't have to keep track of a physical card.

Maureen - New York, NY

The reason my purchase was so successful was the support I got online at the last minute. It made all the difference!

Barbara - Saratoga, CA

This is the coolest way to gift someone ever! Everything is cheaper online too so your gift money goes further!

Warren - Portland, OR

GiftRocket is AWESOME and got me out of a bind on Christmas Day when another gift fell through.

Leah - Los Angeles, CA

Giftrocket is quick and easy. I don't think I will ever go back to regular giftcards!! Thanks GR!! <3

Charlie - Norman, OK

I sent one to my son. He said that there were a variety of ways to use it. He liked that option. I told my daughter about it, who lives out of state from him, so she also sent a GiftRocket. He was pleased with both!!

Tammy - Cedar Rapids, IA

I want to say thank you for the amazing customer service. I sent my gift to a bad email and GiftRocket help redirect the gift fast and courteously. I have already recommended your company to others. I love that the giftrocket has no card and is redeemable at multiple spots. Thanks!

Brian - Minneapolis, MN

I really like this concept. Your customer service was great-- that really makes a difference.

Suzanne - Mechanicsburg, PA

This is a great site. My boss used this site and told me about and now I am tellng my friends. This is convenient and great that you can deposit into checking, credit card or gift card. I cannot say enough good things about this site.

Richard - West Milford, NJ

I'm not a regular gift card user because it's always felt so impersonal. I stumbled upon GiftRocket for the first time recently. The ability to make a "suggestion" on where to spend the money (with no "obligation" to do so) adds a very nice personal touch. I will return as a result. Keep up the good work!

Ann - Carmel, CA